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Carmel – Season 4 – Episode 5 – Chad Hawker & Zak Freedman

Carmel – Season 4 – Episode 5 – Chad Hawker & Zak Freedman

The American Dream is the only TV show that goes against the negative sensationalist style of journalism often seen in media. The American Dream’s mission is to Educate, Empower, and Engage its audience across the country with business leaders, accomplished entrepreneurs, finance experts, and top producing realtors.

The show is produced by Ignite Now Media in San Diego, California in conjunction with hundreds of partners, videographers, and studios.

Guests: Carol Cassie, Stephan Burke, George Sarkis Jr, Chad Hawker, Kevin Stone, Molly McGee, Dana Bambace, Mark Peterson Sharon Matthams, Paula Joy MacNab, Ben Beesley, Shannon Vereker, Tiffany Pantozzi, Zak Freedman & Christopher Riccio

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