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"Washington D.C." How do you feel when you hear those words?
If you don't live there...It might just make you think of politics or traditional media.

Well... Let us prove you wrong!! The American Dream is not what you are used to. We offer stories that inspire!

Today, we to take you to D.C., show you some beautiful real estate, a cool restaurant, and educate you on the market. Thank you to our hosts Nurit Coombe and Alex Martinez.

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Tired of negative media? Let us change the tune. We are going to show you around some of the best markets in our country.

Real stories, from real people! "Financing The American Dream" is the only show that goes against the grain of the negative media, by showcasing some really cool neighborhoods and their culture.

Check it out!
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2 days ago

The American Dream

A RATIONAL THOUGHT, as we approach our next chapter...

Thank you for serving as our Commander in Chief. I understand why millions voted for you, and I also understand why millions did not. You did a lot right, you also did a lot wrong.

For those who supported Trump, and did not like the negativity towards your guy...Use this as an opportunity to be different towards the new President. Hypocrisy is the worst way to make a point.

Wishing you the best of luck as our Commander in Chief. I understand why millions voted for you, but I remind you, millions did not. You now serve a country, not a party.
Good luck as President.

For those who supported Biden, and hated Trump.
Welcome differing opinions. I repeat, hypocrisy is the worst way to make a point.

You sold your soul for ratings, by driving negative stories feeding on peoples emotions. My only prayer is our citizens find a new way to garner information, and spread love, hope, and inspiration through our communities without believing news is real journalism.

Lastly, TO US.
The President is only one person.
There are 300M of us.
You can not legislate your way out of the imperfections of this country. It comes from regular every day people, doing every day things. Stuff we learned about as kids, that we tend to forget as we got older. Like, "treating others the way you want to be treated," or "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it." The one good thing about social media, is you have an opportunity to do this to big audiences, and positively influence. Do not underestimate your ability to make an impact.

Words matter.
More importantly actions matter.
We don't have to agree to be civil.
We have a lot of work to do. But its WE, not them who make the change. 1 person at a time. And let us be reminded, our children are watching.

One last reminder...
Despite the challenges this country faces, or how much the media makes us think we hate each other, let us all be reminded that millions of people want into this country, not out of it.

There is a reason for that.
Perspective and gratitude tends to be a great lens to look at things through.

This is just one man's attempt at a rational opinion.
But feel free to "spread the word," and click SHARE if you agree.
Positivity wins, and in the end so will America.
When there is a will, there is a way.

-Craig Sewing
Executive Show Producer
@ The American Dream
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2 days ago

The American Dream

Politics got you down?
Well...Turn off the news, and realize there is a reason why MILLIONS of people want into this country, and not out of it! Today, host Craig Sewing takes you around the country to show you the lifestyles, culture, and real estate.

Let us show you around town, we will be hitting some golf balls in Florida, to the beauty of Connecticut, and even Hollywood Boulevard where dreamers come to live, and stopping by Nicholas Cage's home.

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2 days ago

The American Dream

Gary Vaynerchuck says on real estate, "You are a media company first, and a Realtor second."

Check out this episode of The American Dream, where Thomas Bepko and Alan Stewart share an incredible entrepreneurial journey of how their iconic real estate company, went from start-up, to blown up.

Now the #1 team in Connecticut both in influence and in real estate production. To see more stories like this, follow the show The American Dream.
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