Expanding The American Dream

New Look—Are You Ready for It?

Welcome to the American Dream. It’s 2018 (for a few more months, anyway)—Everyone has a dream! What’s your dream?

While you’re busy listing your dreams because it’s definitely all right to have more than one, we’d like to take a minute to share some good news with you: We’ve treated ourselves to a little makeover—a facelift—if you will. Specifically, we’ve rebranded the American Dream TV Show, and we’re now thrilled to show you our fresh, new look!

Same Mission. Improved Look.

As most of you know, the American Dream originally started out as the Craig Sewing Show, a radio show in which Craig would discuss a variety of topics, from mortgage and finance to real estate. That show then evolved into a TV show in San Diego, before eventually becoming a national show that revolves around the idea of—you guessed it!—the American Dream.

For everyone watching (or reading this), the American Dream is something different. Though everyone has and is entitled to their own version of the American Dream, for many, the idea includes having financial freedom, homeownership, and/or entrepreneurship.

It’s also safe to believe that dreams can change or evolve. Our show has done that—it has evolved. Our mission has remained the same, but our approach to presenting that mission will have a more modern approach. Hence the facelift . . . but a good facelift, not a botched celebrity facelift.

Simply put, with evolution comes growth. It was important for our brand to accurately reflect that growth. Our brand, logo, and overall look are now all-inclusive and better represents the core mission of the American Dream TV show: to educate our audience, ultimately providing them with knowledge and resources needed to achieve their dreams.

Our New Look—Up Close and Personal

We are privileged enough to have a fantastic team, dedicated to making the American Dream as appealing as ever! As such, our production team has refined the process, resulting in a whole new look and feel for the show.

Further, we’ve created new motion graphics, new lower thirds, and a new logo! Taking another innovating step forward, our Skype calls are more intriguing, and our marketing gurus have created new graphics cards, graphics, email signatures, and more! Make sure you keep an eye out for this rebrand.

Expanding the American Dream 

We may have started in San Diego, but it didn’t take us long to expand. In fact, in just shortly over a year’s time, we expanded to 23 cities—and we’re not stopping there!

Next month, the American Dream will proudly launch in New York City, which is one of our own dreams, as New York City is the media capital of the world.

You’re invited and welcome to come with us on this expansion, this journey forward. We hope you’ll join us, too . . . because, one of our biggest dreams of all, is helping connect you to yours!